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Tonight, Governor Tom Corbett signed the 2012-13 Pennsylvania budget which works to change the culture of state government from tax and spend to build and save. Here are the top ten things you need to know:


       1. The Governor’s budget does not raise taxes on Pennsylvania’s

           working families or businesses.


       2. The Governor’s state investment in basic education is the

           highest in the history of Pennsylvania.


       3. The Governor’s budget preserves $1.58 billion in funding for

           state-owned and state-related colleges and universities.

           This funding restoration led to an agreement with state-related

           and state-owned schools to keep tuition as low as possible.


       4. The Governor’s budget expands the state’s Educational

           Improvement Tax Credit program, giving students in failing

           schools the opportunity to succeed.


       5. The Governor’s budget includes a manufacturing tax credit,

           which will help create tens of thousands of jobs.


       6. The Governor’s budget controls the size of government.

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           Since Governor Corbett took office in January 2011, filled staffing

           levels have been reduced by 1,400 positions, or nearly 2 percent,

           for an annual savings of $105 million.


       7. The Governor’s budget eliminates the Inheritance Tax on farms,

           otherwise known as the death tax, this change will protect

           Pennsylvania’s family farms.


       8. The Governor’s budget maintains the phase out of the

           Capitol Stock and Franchise tax, a job killing tax that hurts

           businesses in Pennsylvania.


       9. The Governor’s budget transforms the way state government

           works with county government in the funding of local assistance

           programs, by funding a Human Services block grant pilot

           program that will help up to 20 counties provide more

          personalized  services to those in need.


       10. The Governor’s budget includes a $31 million increase for

             programs for people with intellectual disabilities.


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